Fava can use Beancount's import system to semi-automatically import entries into your Beancount ledger. See Importing External Data in Beancount for more information on how to write importers.

You can override the hooks that should be run for your importers by specifying a variable HOOKS with the a list of hooks to apply to the list of (filename, entries) tuples. By default Beancount's duplicates detector hook will be run.

Set the import-config option to point to your import config and set import-dirs to the directories that contain the files that you want to import. And if you wish to save new entries elsewhere than main file - use insert-entry option.

Fava currently only supports entries of type Transaction and Balance. Set the special metadata key __source__ to display the corresponding text (CSV-row, XML-fragment, etc.) for the entry in the list of entries to import. Note that this metadata will be stripped before saving the entry to file.